Tom Cheng

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Tom Cheng (he/him) is a Senior Learning Experience Designer on the Online Program Management team at MSU’s Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation. He is committed to enriching learning experiences at MSU through innovative design and technology, taking on a multifaceted role that intersects education, technology, and user experience.

Tom's role involves leading and collaborating on multiple fronts to ensure the delivery of digital learning experiences, media elements, and web solutions that engage a broad spectrum of learners. He emphasizes user-centric approaches and dedicates his efforts towards integrating design thinking and evidence-based practices into the creation of instructional materials. In addition, he pioneers prototypes for online courses and digital media. As a crucial link between learning sciences and practical online learning experiences, Tom enhances the quality of MSU’s digital education. He fosters a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, working closely with program directors, staff, and external partners to advance MSU’s commitment to excellence in digital learning.

Tom earned an MS in Learning Design and Technology from Stanford University, a BA in English Studies, and a BEd in English Language Education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before joining MSU, he was a secondary school English and Computer Science teacher in Hong Kong.

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