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MSU Educators are uniquely skilled and deeply committed to their students. Each person brings unique expertise in their discipline or field. This diverse network of people in our educator network brings strength to MSU's teaching mission. At the CTLI we seek to support educators so that they can continue to develop and strive to perform at an excellent level.

The CTLI is here to help educators develop instructional plans, prepare better courses, and improve their craft as instructors. We do this with proactive educator development, and by building up a bank of resources for all of those little things every educator needs to create compelling learning experiences. The CTLI can also be your partner in deeper dives exploring more specific and detailed concerns specific to your course or program.

Using feedback from a diverse set of MSU instructors and educators, the CTLI has been formed, with aim to meet you where you are. The CTLI offers a variety of interactive workshops, professional development opportunities, and consultations so you can choose methods that work best for you. Take advantage of our office hours or online resources for immediate ‘help’ or take a look at our scheduled services available to you.

You might also ask the center to help you find new peers or strengthen your sense of belonging at MSU by finding a common interest group. The center might refer you, after learning more about your needs, to other educators and educational support services offered at the university or college level, or to a peer in MSU’s educator network.

Instructional Consulting

Any educator is welcome and encouraged to work with a consultant from the center, whether their goal is addressing a specific problem, exploring strategies to more fully engage learners, or seeking ideas to [re]energize a course or experience. Consultations are intended to offer individualized and experience/course-specific educator development through peer partnerships. Our goal is to support educators at all levels, from novices to experts and everyone in between. For this reason, each consultation is customized, collaborative, and informed by scholarship. If the center lacks the expertise to assist directly, we will attempt to link clients with peers in among MSU's broad educator network.

Confidentiality is available for clients if requested, and we will maintain privacy regarding client identity, information, and records within appropriate limits and according to legal guidelines.

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Curriculum Development & Course Design

When creating curriculum and courses, it can be difficult to keep objectives clear and cohesive. We can help you understand learners and design an experience to promote their success. The CTLI will partner with you to design the experience, prototype, test, and gather feedback to create a plan for launching the program and help you develop the departmental capacity to sustain it.

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Online Program Management

If you are ready to create an online program or have one you are currently offering, the CTLI can help you navigate the process of creating or continuously improving the online academic program experience. Our Teaching Center professionals have specialized expertise in online and blended programs. Seek help from the center to support your market analysis, vendor/partner relationship management and contracting, and assistance with budget development. Let the center help you determine how you can create the most impactful online offering. Support for your instructors is also available as they design, build and offer these courses for the first time. Our goal is to have you ready to realize and sustain new opportunities in digital courses/offerings.

Online Program Marketing

Once you've determined an operational strategy for your online offering, our team can help you generate awareness for your program. We'll recommend marketing tactics like drip campaigns, paid ads, and website optimizations to spread the word about your course(s).

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Academic Entrepreneurship

Utilize the center's familiarity with various MSU offices you'll need to approve and support programs for new audiences or in new off-campus locations. Creating innovative and community-engaged academic programs for a new ‘audience’ is essential in continuously moving MSU forward and reaching new student populations. Helping you prepare with market analysis, introducing vendor relationships and budgeting will be essential for developing your program and securing internal revenue-sharing agreements.

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