Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation

MSU’s Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation provides a spectrum of support for MSU's educators to conceptualize learning, teaching, and programmatic opportunities and develop solutions. Instructors and educators may receive support and consultation, professional development opportunities, learning experience design collaborations, and support for online and blended programs.

Services: Ask questions and get innovative

Ask real people your questions. We support educators at MSU from scheduled consultation sessions to interactive workshops and professional development opportunities. Online and on-demand sessions are available for self-directed study. Longer consultations and projects are possible.

Our Services

Events, Training, Workshops

See a full list of our upcoming events on our calendar.

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Seek Instructional Consultation or Assistance

Any educator is welcome and encouraged to work with a consultant whether their goal is addressing a specific problem, exploring strategies to more fully engage learners, or seeking ideas to [re]energize a course or experience.

Instructional Consultation

Start a Conversation or Request a Project

Contact us to talk through your goals and ideas. We are happy to help you design and deliver or improve learning experiences.

Let’s Talk!

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Engage: Find opportunities

Define and achieve your teaching and learning goals. We use fellowships, grants, workshops, and consultations to custom-designed solutions to assist individuals, units, and departments.

Engage the Center

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Resources: Access places and tools

You can find what you are looking for. Affiliates across campus have a plethora of resources available. This compiled list will expand just as the network of affiliates and collaborators across campus.

Our Resources

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