Online Program Management

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To support the start-up of new online programs at MSU, the Online Program Management team provides free intermediary and consulting services to support the design, development, and sustainability of online/blended academic programs. Our services are focused on the following areas:

  • Program planning and portfolio management
  • Program design and curricular approval assistance
  • Strategic sourcing of services and external partnerships
  • Managing the design, build, and continuous improvement of quality courses

Faculty develop the curriculum of the programs they offer, and departments and colleges are responsible for administration and management, so the consulting offered is collaborative with academic units. We seek to help MSU develop quality programs for students that are well-aligned with opportunities and institutional capacity. This service helps ensure a comprehensive approach to program (re)design and (re)development.

Marketing of Online Programs

With the large number of differing programs offered by MSU as online programs, no marketing plan is exactly the same. Being central resources to the campus positions the OPM team to leverage the successes of all MSU online programs through collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Whether your department depends on the faculty to communicate with potential students, or you have a dedicated communicator on your team, we can help you build a strategy that efficiently utilizes your resources and promotes your program to receptive audiences. We can help with:

  • Recommendations for Management of Digital Ads
  • SEO Research and Recommendations
  • New Program Launches and Visibility
  • Drip campaigns and Slate Training
  • RFI Form Implementation
  • Website recommendations and content improvements

Contact our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Kaitlyn Andary for more information or a consultation.

How We Can Help

The Online Program Management team provides early and mid-stage consulting for emerging programs and program re-designs, using an inquiry-based approach. This means that we’ll work to help identify departmental and program goals, definitions of success and how it might be measured, and assistance with market research and market research resources. This collaboration will help:

  • Consider existing program support structures and identify strategies for both student and financial planning and success
  • Develop assessment plans for benchmarking and strategic growth
  • Identify gaps in the existing landscape that a program could fill
  • Identify and connect with similar projects and corresponding people both inside and outside of MSU
  • Identify opportunities for innovation and refreshment of course and program design strategies
  • Understand new opportunities in the program space
  • Find efficiencies and cost savings

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