#iteachmsu Commons: Playlists

iteach.msu.edu is an online space for educators across roles to share ideas and resources, connect with others across MSU, and grow their teaching practice through community-driven content and asynchronous conversation.

While iteach.msu.edu is a public platform (publicly shared content can be read by anyone visiting the site), MSU educators can interact in the space by logging in with their MSU NetID (the same information you’d use for D2L or SpartanMail). After logging in, check out the Getting Started playlist. This curated resource is a quick guide to the basic ways you can navigate and engage with the #iteachmsu Commons. It is also a great example of one of #iteachmsu’s types of content, a playlist!

Imagine a playlist of music that you have built for a particular purpose (maybe to play while writing or exercising) that is comprised of songs from various artists #iteachmsu playlists work the same way. A #iteachmsu playlist is a collection of posts and articles shared on iteach.msu.edu, organized into sections for educators to dig deeper into a designated topic or theme. You can curate your own playlists by clicking the star on pieces on content (which puts them in your “saved” bin) and then using “+Add” to design your own playlist. Additionally, there are playlist that have been curated by educator support units for all MSU educators. Regardless of how you find a playlist, we hope it helps you continue to pursue lifelong learning and professional growth!

Browse other playlists created by colleagues on iTeach Commons.