Spring Conference 2024 Schedule

Day 2: May 1, 2024: In-person, Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center 

8:30-9:00am Breakfast & Check-in

9:00-9:30am Welcome & Interim Provost Jeitschko

9:30-9:45am Break 

9:45-10:45am Session Block 1

  • Educator Talks: 
    • Room A
      •  Impact of Modality on Student Grades in Biological Science Course Sections (Zhuang et al.)
      • Using Generative AI to Conduct Qualitative Analysis of Student Feedback (Sun)
    • Room B
      • Supporting Neurodiverse Students (Larson)
      • Incorporating Universal Design for Learning into College Courses (Larson)
  • Workshops
    • CAKE for all: Care, Appreciation, Kindness, and Empathy in the Classroom and Workplace (Baier et al.)
  • Panel
    •  An Orientation to the Student Perceptions of Learning Survey (SPLS): A Panel Discussion (Savolainen, Amey & Clason)
  • Welcome to My Classroom
    • OnDemand: High-Performance Computing in the Classroom (Parvizi & Gross)

10:45-11:00am Break 

11:00am-12:00pm Session Block 2

  • Educator Talks: 
    • Room A
      • Creating a Safety Net: Implementing and Assessing a Laptop Loan Program (Sender, Shedd & Zhuang)
      • The Fall 2024 Admitted Student Co-Curricular Profile (Brown, T.)
    • Room B
      • Beyond "Ungrading:" Minimal Criteria Grading to Facilitate Learning Through Reflection (Lindquist & Halbritter)
      • Assessment Informing Individualization Pedagogy (Evalt, Burgess & Mercier)
    • Room C
      • Demystifying AI and ML: A Non-Coder's Approach to Teaching (Lee)
      • Undergraduate Biostatistics: R-Studio Cloud (McCormick)
    • Room D
      • Application of Generative AI in teaching Enterprise Education: A systematic review (Fulgence)
      • Asynchronous student-generated flip videos facilitate student learning and assessment in a large-enrollment introductory human physiology course (Spranger)
  • Workshops
    • Researching your Classroom with Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) (Kirby)
  • Panel
    •  Supporting and Assessing Development of Scientific Argumentation Across Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology and Neuroscience. (Stoltzfus et al.)

12:00-1:00pm Lunch & Keynote Panel

1:00-1:15pm Break

1:15-2:15pm Session Block 3

  • Educator Talks: 
    • Room A
      •  Best Practices in Second Language Teaching (Choti)
      • Teaching scientific field skills through a Soil Judging preparatory course (Wessel)
    • Room B
      • All You Need to Know: The Development of an Asynchronous Orientation Course for an Online Graduate Program (Brown, I.)
      • Successful Scantrons: Administrative and Logistical Basics (James)
    • Room C
      • International Recommendation for Curriculum Design: Reflection on Teaching Visiting Scholars (Xinqiang)
      • Preparing tomorrow’s problem-solvers: Critical Making as a teachable model for responding to wicked problems (Record & Tatar-Ozkum)
    • Room D
      • Assess the Effectiveness of Poverty Simulation between Traditional and Accelerated BSN Students (Liu & McIntire) 
      • Examining Learning Outcomes Using a Nutrition and Health Claim Assignment (Becker)
  • Workshops
    • In All Fairness: Generative AI, Plagiarism and Assessment for the Multilingual Student (Caesar et al.)
    • Creating Descriptive Rubrics (Larson)

2:15-2:30pm Break 

2:30-3:30pm Poster Session

  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Undergraduate Academia: An Ethnography (Orr)
  • The Student Story: Developing An Intentional Assessment Plan Of Student Learning through Community Engagement (Snitgen, Brewer & Houghton)
  • Need TLC? -  Engaging in a GTA Teaching Learning Community to Develop Transferable Skills  (Rawal et al.)
  • A Freshman Seminar on Wellbeing and its Impacts on Students’ University Navigational Skills (Moreno & Kirby)
  • Exploring the Integration Process in Qualitative Interdisciplinary Research Methods (Boucher & Munox)
  • Advancing COIL at MSU through a Faculty Fellowship Program and a Faculty Learning Community (Cherchiglia)
  • Validating a measure of STEM Students’ SE for a Mixed Methods Research (Byrd, Henderson, Myers & Sawtelle)

3:30pm Brief Closing Remarks