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Affiliates across campus have a plethora of resources available, finding them isn’t always easy. Below is a sample of what is available. We hope to continue to expand this list in the same nature as we expand the network of affiliates and collaborators across campus. 

#iteachmsu Commons: GROW

iteach.msu.edu is an online space for educators across roles to share ideas and resources, connect with others across MSU, and grow their teaching practice through community-driven content and asynchronous conversation. 

While iteach.msu.edu is a public platform (publicly shared content can be read by anyone visiting the site), MSU educators can interact in the space by logging in with their MSU NetID (the same information you’d use for D2L or SpartanMail). After logging in, check out the Getting Started playlist. This curated resource is a quick guide to the basic ways you can navigate and engage with the #iteachmsu Commons. It is also a great example of one of #iteachmsu’s types of content… a playlist! Imagine a playlist of music that you have built for a particular purpose (maybe to play while writing or exercising) that is comprised of songs from various artists—  #iteachmsu playlists work the same way. A #iteachmsu playlist is a collection of posts and articles shared on iteach.msu.edu, organized into sections for educators to dig deeper into a designated topic or theme. You can curate your own playlists by clicking the star on pieces on content (which puts them in your “saved” bin) and then using “+Add” to design your own playlist. Additionally, there are playlist that have been curated by educator support units for all MSU educators. Regardless of how you find a playlist, we hope it helps you continue to pursue lifelong learning and professional growth!

#iteachmsu Commons

Teaching Best Practices

Michigan State University has developed best practices for teaching in person, hybrid, remote, and online courses. This site has been designed to help you develop teaching strategies that lead to the best outcomes for students and educators across the institution. Foundational to all recommendations is a consideration of student wellbeing, how students learn, effective and inclusive course design, as well as a recognition of the need to be transparent, flexible, and generous with students.

Keep Teaching

Design Your Online Course (DYOC)

  • Bring your online course to this workshop and get a framework for developing an online course plan. You'll use a framework and explore the QM Rubric to design one module for your online course.

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR)

  • Learn the underlying principles behind the QM Rubric and the critical elements of the QM quality assurance process. Learn about drafting helpful recommendations as you apply the Rubric to an actual course.

Quality Matters Profession Development Opportunities

  • This schedule shows online courses and workshops planned for the next six months. Dates shown represent the start and end date for the session. 

Other University Resources

On-Demand Professional Development

We continue to bring together resources from around the university to support the ongoing professional development of faculty. The following workshops and resources have been created to help faculty.

#iteachmsu Commons

This Student Success playlist was created by members of the Educators Empowering Student Success Group which is working on the Faculty Improving Student Success Strategic Initiative. Each article in this playlist contains a list of resources that promote student success. All links provided are direct links (ONE CLICK) connecting you to contact information or an educator who can respond to your questions and/or help your students.

ASPIRE (ASynchronous Program for Instructional REadiness) Workshop:

ASPIRE is entirely self-paced and will guide you through the processes and issues you'll need to address in order to develop an online version of your course. Since there is no one way to develop an online course or teach online, our goal for you is to help you make informed choices based on your own particular needs and contexts.


The 2022 Blended Teaching Workshop

The Blended Teaching Workshop was created to help you prepare to teach a blended or hybrid course. It is entirely asynchronous and self-paced and is focused on how you can make the most of in-person contact time and an online environment. We will help you focus your blended or hybrid course on the student experience and your learning objectives in order to best help your students reach their goals. Our goal for you is to help you make informed choices based on your context. Self-enrollment for 2022 Blended Teaching Workshop.

Online Workshops from MSU IT

Free Spring 2022 Trainings from MSU IT

Incorporating Technologies: Online Technology Running Start

This #iteach playlist of quick start guides offers a collection of guides to get you going quickly with online and distance teaching, as well as how to get help when you need it.

Introduction to Accessibility

Would you like to learn about accessibility basics, including what accessibility is, why it’s important, and where to find help? Check out this brief Accessibility overview course.

MSU Tools and Technologies Course

This D2L course on MSU Tools and Technologies offers an overview of MSU core technology tools, defined as those that introduce no additional costs to faculty or students. This course will be frequently updated, and offers documentation, information, and avenues for getting help.

D2L courses of interest to educators