Brendan Guenther, M.A.

Chief Academic Digital Officer 

Brendan Guenther (he/him) is MSU's Chief Academic Digital Officer working at the intersection of digital transformation and academic entrepreneurship. When preparing a new online program or working with partners to design a digital experience, Brendan helps colleagues collaborate to create new learning experiences. He is tenacious and passionate about pushing on the flywheel, to transform the campus for student success. If you are considering transforming your learning experiences to be blended, digital, or to serve non-traditional student populations, you'll want to consult with Brendan and the online program management team about digital learning experiences.

Brendan previously served for several years as an executive manager in Information Technology. He optimized services to create customer-centered experiences mediated by technology. His online learning experience started with experimental courses in the 90s, and grew as he oversaw MSU's first-mover entry into online degree programs. Brendan enjoys working as a team with colleagues at MSU, harnessing our talent and passion to realize opportunities for forward-thinking change at the university.

Brendan earned an MA in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education and a BA in Telecommunications, both at Michigan State University. Brendan was ABD in a doctoral program for Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education and is currently considering his next education and career opportunity. Brendan is a fitness enthusiast, enjoying challenging individual fitness adventures that include community and camaraderie, such as obstacle course racing or relay running. You can find Brendan after work training for his next adventure and reading about technology or adult learning.

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