Interim Guidance on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Instructional Settings

As you prepare for the Fall 2023 academic semester, our hopes are that instructors will:

  1. develop a course-level generative AI use policy and actively discuss with students about expectations for generative AI use in the work for your class
  2. promote equitable and inclusive use of the technology, and
  3. work with colleagues across campus to determine ethical and scholarly applications of generative AI for preparing students to succeed in an evolving digital landscape. 

The following materials were assembled using existing MSU policy documents and include framing questions developed by an interdisciplinary team of campus experts.

To help facilitate this work, the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) and the Enhanced Digital Learning Initiative (EDLI) will be producing resources, offering workshops, and facilitating discussions throughout the year. You can learn more about generative AI and participate in discussions on the "AI & Education" group on