Mission and Values

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The mission of the CTLI is to support MSU’s educators and their practices through collaboration and consultation.


The vision of the CTLI is to …

  • Support MSU communities where educators work together across roles to provide inclusive, research-informed experiences that support student success.
  • Build a path to success for every educator by leading the university with unwavering integrity and a strong culture of teaching and learning
  • Collaborate with and empower all MSU educators in their engagement in equitable, student-centered teaching and learning practices.

We Value

  • Informed Practices: We rely on scholarship and practitioner expertise to ground our work in research-informed best practices. 
  • Inclusive Collaboration: We cultivate supportive spaces where diverse voices are heard and represented.
  • Innovation: We believe in improvement through iteration, with courage to try new things, learning from failure, and a willingness to try again.
  • Empowerment: We create an environment where success is shared, and educators can connect, and grow. When educators thrive, learners can thrive. 
  • Integrity: We have an ethical responsibility to the MSU community and beyond.