Meet the Network

We know there are diverse efforts already underway to support educators at different levels across the university. We intend to collaborate with and help amplify those. The Center for TLI will use a networked approach, keeping a core team supporting educator efforts centrally while working closely and collaboratively with center affiliates in colleges, departments, and units across campus. 

This approach includes an understanding of what the educator support network looks like on campus including but not limited to formal affiliate partners, lateral services from other providers and service units, as well as the informal “nodes” of active educators that voluntarily offer expertise and connection to peers as practitioners. The Center for TLI will serve a connective function to help bring together a diverse group ready to consult on topics as needed by educator stakeholders. We will employ our centralized location to support and collaborate with the network, providing the leadership role to organize and sustain such a growing and expansive group. 

More information on identifying yourself as a member of the educator support network and making your services, capabilities, expertise, and organizational affiliation known to the network for future engagement in MSU’s educator support efforts, as well as information on our formalized “affiliate” partnerships to come.

Affiliate with the Center