Faculty Fellows

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The purpose of the Faculty Fellows program is to provide an opportunity for faculty to work on a project that will improve the learning experience for students at MSU. Successful topics will address one or more of the following issues: enable the faculty member to initiate a project designed to reimagine a learning experience at MSU; help to create an intellectual community interested in student learning; support directed research and development focused on learning with technology.

In the past, Fellows have benefited from spending time “in residence” at the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation on a regular basis, particularly during the summer. Presence often facilitates the conversations that we believe are necessary to a successful experience. The Fellow’s project will be folded into the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation’s workflow for the summer in order to facilitate conversation.


Each Faculty Fellow is responsible for participating with our team to achieve the agreed-upon goals of the project. In addition to meeting these agreed-upon expectations, we ask that Fellows also:

  • Complete a project that speaks to learning and teaching innovation.
  • Host a Fellows’ Hour session to assist in making connections and spawning new initiatives.
  • Contribute to the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation’s blog to share work while in progress.
  • Participate in the creation of publications or presentations.
  • Participate with the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation in an ongoing fashion for the duration of the 12-month appointment in an appropriate way.
  • Have fun and share in a collaborative learning environment.

How to Join

The program’s most focused activity will take place during the summer, but Fellows are encouraged to extend their engagement with the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation during the academic year if their project warrants it. Fellowships are awarded based on the quality and fit of the project proposal.

Fellow applications must be endorsed by the faculty member’s department chair or dean. We want projects to be aligned with innovation efforts within units. We also ask that units commit to one month of summer salary for each Fellow or an equivalent level of support that will facilitate the project. We believe that an intensive month of work in the summer followed by a modest effort throughout the year will lead to successful outcomes.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation will commit resources to support needs for projects, such as technology support and/or the allocation of a team to support the Fellow. Those decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Fellow.

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