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Who Are Affiliates?

The Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) is inviting individuals working in units across the MSU ecosystem supporting educator [professional] development and growth to join us as CTLI Affiliates. If contributing to educator development is a part of your role formally or informally, we invite you to officially join the CTLI to continue to support MSU’s educators and their practices through collaboration and consultation.

You can learn more about the CTLI’s mission, vision, and values. Please note, any instance of “educator” includes any person contributing to the teaching and learning, student success, and/or outreach missions of the university.

Why Be An Affiliate:

Why does CTLI have affiliates?

On such a large campus, with such a large community, it can be difficult to elevate and celebrate the high-impact practices of all educators. It’s challenging to know what is happening when, and our decentralized nature can result in duplication of efforts. Instead, the CTLI aims to engage affiliates to foster collaboration and connection amongst educator development experts (both formal and informal), programs, and units. From the start, the CTLI breaks down silos across MSU by encouraging the intentional recognition of MSU’s educator development network.

Why affiliate with CTLI?

SHARE by developing new areas of programming, resources, and ideas.

For instance, you are considered a MSU leader in the area of fostering a diverse and equitable learning environment. There is a campus need for your expertise and by participating as an affiliate you'll have an opportunity to share it more broadly. With the CTLI staff support, we’d like to help you share your knowledge via programming, workshops, and other forms of educator development.

CONNECT with educators interested in or working in similar areas.

For instance, as an educator interested in incorporating student feedback in the classroom, the CTLI could connect you with other educators interested in the same area, and develop additional programming and support for those working in the same area.

GROW through Affiliate educator professional development.

For instance, an educator has created a workshop (for example, on the citation management software. EndNote) and has been facilitating a workshop regularly on this topic. The affiliate thinks it may be of interest to other affiliates and educators, and works with the CTLI to offer the workshop, in the hopes of expanding capacity for support on campus.

In addition to lifelong learning offerings inclusive of all educators, the CTLI will host at least one planning summit each year with invitations reserved exclusively for CTLI staff and affiliates. Becoming an affiliate gives you the most influence over how MSU supports educators and champions teaching and teachers.

What Do Affiliates Do?

We know there are diverse efforts already underway to support educators at different levels across the university. We intend to collaborate with and help amplify those. Being a CTLI Affiliate means joining us in our commitment to make lifelong learning accessible to all MSU’s educators by sharing resources, employing common best practices, and engaging in the community of practice that is MSU’s educator development network.

Because the CTLI is new and MSU’s educator network is diverse in educator roles, expertise, engagement, we look forward to customizing what CTLI affiliation means for you and providing you with a memorandum of understanding (or other mutually agreed upon documentation of your affiliation) that is revisited annually. We recognize that affiliates will have their own duties and responsibilities within colleges and units. Our goal isn’t to create additional work, but optimize, elevate, and connect the work that is already being done across MSU’s ecosystem. Affiliates come together with CTLI to serve as one of MSU’s central units to help streamline educator development offerings by connecting you with others doing similar work across MSU, sharing resources, and ultimately growing MSU’s culture of support for teaching and learning.

How To Become An Affiliate:

Ready to Share, Connect and Grow with us? Contact Makena Neal at

“When we think of what a fully-realized vision looks like, we would want all the colleges and units involved to be comfortable with a certain amount of their time having been either bought out or allocated to this kind of activity.” Originally published on 4/22/22 by Gregory Teachout in the Office of the Provost Community Update: “Trust is the Cornerstone: Joe Salem and the New Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation”